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Managing Perfectionism in Motherhood

With Psychologist Dr. Jen Douglas

Do you find you get stuck trying so hard to do things “the right way”? Do you have incredibly high expectations of yourself, both as an individual and now as a mother?. If so, you aren’t alone and are likely to be rewarded by society for this mentality. When you become a parent, suddenly you can’t do everything perfectly. You want so badly to give 100% in all areas, all the time….but then it happens, a sense of burnout and not knowing what to prioritize. How will others accept you if you are not perfect all the time? In this episode, psychologist Dr. Jen Douglas and I discuss perfectionism, ways to recognize it in our lives, and ideas on how to find ways to be purposely imperfect.

Dr. Jen Douglas is a mother, wife, licensed psychologist, and Clinical Assistant Professor at Stanford School of Medicine. Dr. Jen is based in the San Francisco Bay Area where she specializes in helping individuals overcome perfectionism, anxiety, trauma, and disordered eating. She can be followed on Instagram @DrJenSF. Dr. Jen has a new virtual course coming out September 21st entitled “Freedom from Perfectionism: How to take back your time and live a more authentic life.”


  • What perfectionism is
  • Why perfectionism is unhelpful
  • How to adjust your expectations
  • Understand what is unhelpful vs. helpful about perfectionism
  • Ways you can work to become more flexible


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Dr. Jen recently released her course: Freedom from Perfectionism – How to Take Back Your Time and Live a More Authentic Life. This course covers the origins of perfectionism, what maintains perfectionism, what we gain and lose by trying to live our life “perfectly,” and how to interrupt these processes that are not serving us. Use code F2020 for 30% off of the course price.


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October 14, 2020

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