With Psychologist Dr. Colleen Reichmann Do you struggle with your relationship with food or movement? Do you struggle to accept your body the way it is in this moment? Are you constantly striving to reach a certain weight or body shape? Then this episode is for you! Tune in as Psychologist Dr. Colleen Reichmann and […]

With Therapist Nedra Tawwab  Do you struggle to set boundaries with family members giving unsolicited advice? Do you feel burnt out? Are you constantly trying to make other people happy, including your partner and your children, and find you have nothing left for you at the end of the day? Then this episode is a […]

With Therapist Bryana Kappa  Have you ever struggled to regulate your own reactions while parenting? Has becoming a parent caused experiences from your past to resurface? Do you wonder how to decide who’s needs to prioritize or how to set healthy boundaries in your home? If any of this resonates, this episode is for you! […]

With Psychologist Dr. Alice Pickering Do you ever question whether your adjustment to motherhood is normal? Do you not feel like yourself, but also aren’t clinically depressed or anxious? Do you feel like you have mommy brain or like you are constantly in a fog? Perhaps you are experiencing something called Postpartum Stress Syndrome. Psychologist […]

With Psychologist Dr. Elizabeth Adams Are you overwhelmed by the amount of parenting advice out there? Do you find that different sources offer contradictory information? Are you wanting parenting support but don’t even know where to look or start? Then you are going to love this episode where Dr. Elizabeth Adams helps us to tune […]

With Toddler Dietitian Kacie Barnes Do you have a picky eater? Do you have a child who won’t sit to the table? Do you have a toddler who throws food? Then boy oh boy this episode is for you! Toddler dietitian Kacie Barnes share numerous insights during our conversation. Her approach to helping moms feel […]

With OB/GYN Dr. Staci Tanouye Raise your hand if you have a vagina?! Now raise your hand if you have ever talked about how it looks, the procedures it’s had or when things just don’t feel quite right down there?! Vagina health is not something that many women talk about, but it is incredibly important! […]

With Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist Jeanice Mitchell Is it normal to pee a little when you laugh, cough or run? Is urine incontinence during pregnancy and postpartum normal? And if so, how long should it last? Pelvic floor physiotherapist Jeanice Mitchell of My Pelvic Floor Muscles is on the show today to answer all of these […]

With Dr. Morgan Francis Do you struggle with postpartum body acceptance? I know I have. Many women struggle with comparing their postpartum bodies to their pre baby bods. After three boys in three and a half years, a tummy full of stretch marks and a pelvis that doesn’t quite function the way it used to, […]

WITH REPRODUCTIVE PSYCHIATRIST DR. KRISTIN LASSETER There is so much miscommunication around taking medications during pregnancy and while nursing. The reality is that few doctors are thoroughly trained in reproductive psychiatry and many moms gets misinformed when it comes to medication to their mood and anxiety medication. Listen in to today’s episode where Reproductive Psychiatrist  […]