With Occupational Therapist Dr. Allie Ticktin with Occupational Therapists Dr. Allie Ticktin Do you ever wonder if your child has sensory sensitivities? Do you feel like your child gets overstimulated?  Are you curious about how to foster your child’s independence in play and problem-solving? In this episode occupational therapist, Dr. Allie Tickin teaches us about […]

With Psychologist Dr. Elizabeth Adams  Are you overwhelmed by the polarizing opinions about baby sleep? Have you been shamed for your choice to co-sleep or your choice to sleep train your baby? Dr. Elizabeth Adams joins the podcast today to help us understand the research around these sleep approaches to help you make informed decisions […]

With Reproductive Psychiatrist Dr. Pooja Lakshmin I often get asked, “What causes postpartum depression and is there a way to prevent it?” Reproductive psychiatrist Dr. Pooja Lakshmin and I dive deep into these questions and explore the idea of prevention. In this episode, you will learn about what situations, life experience or clinical conditions that […]

With Doula Sabia Wade  Did you know that women of colour are at 3-4 times greater risk of dying in childbirth in North America than white women? And it has nothing to do with their socioeconomic status, education and so on. This is a major problem, one that white people — especially white providers– need […]

With Psychologist Dr. Dan Singley Do you wonder whether fathers can experience postpartum depression or anxiety? Women often feel like their postpartum support misses the mark, but dad’s are often left out of the conversation entirely. Dad’s go through a profound identity shift alongside mothers and Dr. Dan Singley is here to help unpack the […]

With Psychologist Dr. Heidi Green Have you ever debated whether or not you experienced trauma? Have you wondered if the birth of your child was traumatic? Or maybe it was out right distressing and you are unsure how to deal with it. Most people I speak with don’t relate how they are feeling postpartum to […]

With Therapist Bryana Kappa Does your child get bored easily? Do they have little tolerance for frustration? Does your child struggle to play independently without your constant reassurance? If so, tune into this week’s episode focused on how to foster independent play. Therapist Bryana Kappa helps us to understand practical ways to support independent play […]

With Psychologist Dr. Ashurina Ream Have you ever felt alone in motherhood? Have you ever struggled to make new friends or even struggled just to get out of the house on maternity leave? You are not alone. Being a mom can be incredibly isolating and lonely.  Join this week’s episode where @psychedmommy Dr. Ashurina Ream […]

With Psychologist Dr. Tracy Dalgleish Have you and your partner struggled to find your groove postpartum? Do you find it hard to prioritize each other and sex while juggle all. of. the. roles and responsibilities of being parents? Join the club! So many women I speak with wonder why they have no sex drive or […]

With Naturopathic Dr. Rishma Walji Have you ever had emotional days and chalked it up to hormones?  I know I have! I’ve been growing increasingly curious about hormones and how they intersect with mood and mental health. In today’s episode Naturopathic Dr. Rishma Walji is here to explain how our hormones change month to month […]