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We know how challenging mommying is and know that you might need to reschedule your therapy session. Below are all the details on how to reschedule your appointment along with answers to some of your questions.

Mama, don’t worry you’re in good hands here at the Happy as a Mother Wellness Center.

Congratulations mama on taking the first step and prioritizing your mental health! I’ve heard from so many mothers who say they wish they had started therapy sooner. I’m so proud of you for taking this important first step! 

Welcome to the
Happy as a Mother Wellness Center! 

Click the Purple BOOK ANOTHER APPOINTMENT Button to select a new time.

Select New Appointment Time


Find the appointment you are not able to attend and click the Red CANCEL Button.

Cancel Your appointment


Log into your Wellness Center Account


Rescheduling Your Therapy Appointment

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How do I access my account?

have questions?

Visit to access your account to join video sessions and view appointments, invoices, and forms.

I don’t remember my Wellness Center password or remember creating one? 

If you can’t remember your password (or creating one), just visit             and click on Forgot Your Password. A secure link will be sent to your email address to reset your password. 

I’ve canceled my appointment, but how do I schedule an appointment with my therapist?

Use the direct booking link for your therapist to find out their current openings:
Farah Dawood
Jodie Larson-Pendock
Johanna Phillips
Kameela Osman
Kamy Bhatti
Kristin Reinhart
Nevilla Stapleton-Street
Stacey Cook

My therapist said I would have forms/paperwork to fill out before my session. Where do I complete those?

All forms and paperwork are filled out within your Happy as a Mother Wellness Center Account. Log into your account HERE. If there is paperwork for you to fill out, it will prompt you to fill it out once you’ve logged in.

I had a Free 15 min Consultation and want to book my next appointment. What is the next appointment I should book?

What is the difference between the Initial Individual Consultation and Individual Psychotherapy Session?

The Initial Individual Consultation is where you and your therapist will review your intake paperwork, your history, and really learn much more about you. This session really lays the foundation for your ongoing treatment.

The Individual Psychotherapy Sessions are ongoing therapy sessions after the Initial Individual Consultation.

How do I access a booking calendar for my therapist?

I have a question for my therapist. How do I contact her?

If you are an established patient, reach out to and your therapist's email address will be provided.

Does the Wellness Center offer couples therapy?

Our Ontario therapist, Kameela Osman offers couples therapy. You can secure an appointment on her schedule HERE.

How does payment work?

A credit card must be on file before the therapy session can begin. The system actually will not let you join the video therapy session until payment information is entered.

What is your cancelation policy?

There is no charge for cancelations as long as your session is canceled with 24 hours notice before the session.

If an appointment is canceled less than 24 hours before the appointment, you will be charged a 50% cancelation fee.

If you do not show up to your appointment and you have not canceled it, you will be charged a 50% no-show fee.

I’m having technical issues connecting with my therapy session?

Sometimes, it works to just log out and then log back in. I know it sounds silly, but sometimes it makes a huge difference.

If you are still having trouble with technology working in your favor, email and we will make sure your therapist reaches out to you via phone if you aren’t able to connect via video.

Here are some helpful links to reference:
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