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learn the skills you need to react less and enjoy motherhood more

The reality is that many of us were brought up in homes that didn’t teach foundational skills to help us manage our big emotions and reactions. You aren’t losing your cool with your kids because you’re a bad person, you are having trouble regulating your reaction because you lack practical and tangible skills. 

We don’t learn to yell less, and be more calm and patient by shaming or blaming ourselves. We learn to effectively manage our emotions through practical skills that can be taught. 

The reality is that motherhood is a set of skills, not a set of internal instincts. 

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Help teach you the practical skills you need to be more patient with your child and be more kind to yourself. Through lessons, live coaching Q&A’s, worksheets and more, Erica walks you through the skills you need to slow down your reaction and manage tough parenting situations with more confidence. Learn how to let go of shame and guilt and feel proud of how you manage difficult moments in motherhood.

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Mother up can teach you how to lose your cool less and enjoy motherhood more

Research shows that isolated incidents don’t predict secure or insecure attachment with our children, but rather a dependable, safe and predictable relationship over time. When we get it wrong,we can model repair and strengthen that secure attachment. 

There is room for imperfection

As mothers, the stakes are high and we so badly want to do a good job. There is no one right way to mother, and finding your way has to do with tuning into your values. 

There is no “right way”

Somewhere along the road we adopted the notion that we need to enjoy every moment of motherhood and that is a myth!

Mothers don’t always enjoy motherhood

Motherhood is not a set of internal instincts, it is a set of skills.

It’s not about instincts!

All moms get irritated, angry and frustrated with their children, it is how you manage that frustration that makes all the difference. 

You are not the only one who feels and reacts this way

If you are losing your cool in motherhood, it’s not because you are failing. It is simply because you lack some skills that you can learn

You are not failing

Things that you need to know

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Trying to break cycles of unhelpful behaviour such as yelling or losing their cool

Wanting to feel more in control of their reactions

Struggling to adjust to the identity shift of motherhood

Wanting to feel less guilt and be more self-compassionate 

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For $27 a month you can start to cultivate more calm and feel more confident. 

Did you know that one of the best ways to support your child through a tantrum or big emotions is to focus on staying calm yourself? How many of us were taught those skills growing up? I know that I wasn't! But guess what, I have learned them over time and so can you!

Mother Up will give you the tools you need to model emotion regulation for your child

Some of the most popular lessons in the group have focused on the definition of a good mother, exploring the inner critic, ways to develop self compassion, as well as ways to regulate and ground big emotions. 

Learn from Erica each month as she shares on a variety of topics pertaining to motherhood. 

These coaching calls often focus on how to take the information offered in the lesson and apply it directly in the moment. Erica takes real examples or problems moms are having in the moment and trouble shoots them to find a solution that truly works. 

Erica hosts a live monthly Q&A where she addresses mother uppers most burning questions about motherhood and parenting. 

As a mother upper you get backstage access to the live recording of the show and exclusive Q&A with the guests of honor!

Erica hosts some of the top professional and leading experts on the Happy as a Mother podcast. 

In the Mother Up community you will find a group of like minded women who want to heal from their past and do motherhood differently.  

Community and support is essential in our motherhood journey!

Socials involve meeting on zoom, playing games and getting to hear each other's stories. Erica has been known to give them a theme from time to time and there are often prizes to be won!

Erica really likes to have fun and the socials are a way to further strengthen our community and take a break from momming.

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For $300 USD a year you will have access to all of the previous lessons already taught in mother up, a new lesson each month, backstage access to leading experts on the happy as another podcast, and access to our private facebook community and monthly socials. 

$300 usd

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For $27 USD a month you will have access to all of the previous lessons already taught in mother up, a new lesson each month, backstage access to leading experts on the happy as another podcast, and access to our private facebook community and monthly socials. 

$27 usd

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