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Wondering whether you are struggling with a perinatal mood or anxiety disorder and want one on one therapy support? See if Happy as a Mother offers therapy in your Canadian province. 

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Mom Freely TOgether

Motherhood can feel lonely.

All the people you thought would be there to support you are nowhere to be found. It’s a theme that comes up in therapy sessions, DMs, emails, and even our workshop reviews. Moms want to connect with other moms, but they don’t know how.

This got us thinking -- what if we created the village? What if we created a space for moms to come together?

And so we did.

did someone order a village?!

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perfect for women who are...

Mothers looking for support and accountability in a private, safe space.

Mothers looking for community in the isolating journey of motherhood.

Mothers looking for tangible, practical steps for unloading baggage, discovering values, and managing the load of motherhood.

Mothers looking to create change in their life

workshops for moms

With years of experience as both a therapist and a mom of three boys, and with thousands of women helped, My workshops and courses will help you to learn the practical skills you need to yell less and feel more confident in your mothering role. 

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