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Whether you are pregnant, postpartum or well into this motherhood gig, you can learn to handle your big emotions differently and enjoy motherhood more. You likely saw your parents react in ways you don’t want to repeat and feel hopeless about how to change these patterns in your own family. I am here to help you break those cycles. We can help you to better understand yourself and how to regulate your reactions. We can get you reacting less and enjoying more, with various resources that are made to be accessible to every mom and are designed to bring relief today.

a therapist for moms who are struggling with losing their cool and are looking to find more enjoyment in their motherhood role! 

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Wondering whether you are struggling with a perinatal mood or anxiety disorder and want one on one therapy support? See if Happy as a Mother offers therapy in your Canadian province. 

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With years of experience as both a therapist and a mom of three boys, and with thousands of women helped, my workshops and courses will help you to learn the practical skills you need to yell less and feel more confident in your mothering role. 

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Over 1.5 million downloads, 150+ shows, hundreds of  5-star reviews and the top maternal mental health experts delivering current research in an applicable and digestible way. The Happy as a Mother podcast is ready to jump start your journey, no matter where you are starting from! All are welcome, come in your mom bun and yoga pants, grab a coffee, and tune in to kick mom guilt to the curb…

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"From the spot-on Instagram posts, to the relevant and relatable podcast episodes, to the Motherhood Road Map resources, HAAM has helped me evaluate my parenting values, show more self-compassion and get back to enjoying the chaos and beauty that is motherhood. I am truly grateful for the huge role HAAM has played in my mothering journey."

"I felt seen and understood after following Happy as a Mother. What I was going through made much more sense, made me feel like I was navigating motherhood with other moms through the account. Thanks for all you do, Erica."

"Being a first time mom, I had no idea the emotional toll that came with postpartum. I found the HAAM podcast and instantly felt like I wasn’t alone. The “baby blues” were real, the guilt I felt was okay to feel, and the sadness I felt was okay to feel. HAAM helped me understand that and taught me how to cope with those feelings."

> Learn how to care for your own needs
> Learn who and how to ask for help
> Learn the red flags to PPD and PPA
> Learn about intrusive Thoughts 
> Develop a wellness safety plan

A child isn’t the only one who needs care and support during the postpartum period! It is important that we learn to mother the mother, and in this case, for you to learn how to cultivate your own inner mother and nurture yourself. In this prep list you will:

A birth plan for mom

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I’ve made it my mission to provide practical resources as I know that #momlife is busy and you don’t have much time. 

Consider this YOUR birth plan. You too are being born! Oh and did I mention that IT IS COMPLETELY FREE?!

"I was a first time mom of newborn triplets when I found HAAM drowning in bottles and isolation. HAAM helped me realize how common some of my negative feelings were and helped me feel more connected to other stay at home moms who were probably feeling just as overwhelmed and lonely as I was. I regularly use HAAM’s infographics as daily reminders for myself that 1) my feelings are valid and very common 2) I’m a great mom regardless of how I’m feeling and how my babies behave. So grateful for this community of mothers!"


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