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    Mrs. Erica Djossa is a registered psychotherapist with a Masters in Counseling Psychology and postgraduate certificates in Couple and Family Therapy and Maternal Mental Health (in process). Her unique blend of training and experience serve her well when working with Mothers, individuals, couples and families. Erica is the host and founder of the Happy as a Mother podcast. Personally, Erica is a wife and mom of three boys and her passion for maternal mental health emerged after her own transition to motherhood. She is deeply passionate about supporting women through this major life transition. ​ 

    Mrs. Djossa approaches therapy from both a cognitive-behavioural and attachment perspective. She is most passionate about working with various maternal mental health and attachment issues, including the mother/baby relationship, as well as the relationship we have with ourselves. Beyond working with adult clients, Mrs. Djossa also has extensive experience treating and mentoring youth and young adults. She has been very effective in treating teens who are depressed, anxious and/or who are struggling with self-harm and relationship issues. 

    ​ Mrs. Djossa sees individual adults and couples, as well as young adults. 

    Erica Djossa is a registered psychotherapist, sought-after maternal mental health specialist, and is the founder of Happy as a Mother. She has been practicing for over 10 years and is a regular media contributor. Erica helps women adjust to and manage the load of motherhood with her popular Happy as a Mother podcast, Instagram platform, and online therapy services. She is passionate about supporting moms and helping them embrace the journey. In addition to individuals, Erica also works in an educational and supportive role with health professionals to enhance their screening and provide them with practical maternal mental health resources. Erica is a Toronto based mother to three rambunctious young boys that can often be found sharing insights in her Instagram stories.

    Erica’s work has been featured in Scary Mommy, Medium, and Romper. Her graphics have been shared by celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Ashley Graham, Nia Long, Christy Turlington and Adrienne Bosh.

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