Mom's don't lose their cool because they are flawed, they lose their cool because they haven't been taught practical regulations skills.

I've learned...

Oh, Mama, I know you are up to your eyeballs in laundry, with a to-do list a mile long and no time to even go pee by yourself. I'm here to help you take care of YOU. I am passionate about empowering moms to meet their own needs, rediscover their identity and enjoy motherhood more.

By empowering you with researched-based practical skills to yell less and be kind to yourself more, I know the roadmap to help you tune into your own values and tune out the rest of the noise. Feel like you so badly want to do things right, but are overwhelmed with all of the competing advice? Browse the podcast and shop to start gaining confidence in your personal approach to motherhood.

I'm Erica, a coffee drinking, yoga pant wearing, mom bun loving, therapist and mama of three wild boys. 

About  Me

Favourite weekend activity

The Fun Stuff

Doing anything fun and adventurous with my boys 

a hobby that i love

Photography! everything from styling/planning the shoot, to taking and editing the pictures!

my go-to vacation getaway

Viva la Mexico! Give me the beach and a margarita

things I enjoy


Reality TV

Yoga Pants

Working Out

words to live by

There is no such thing as the perfect or right way to mother. Being a good mom means making decisions for your family according to YOUR values.

If you are struggling and want practical and tangible skills to apply right now, you can learn from Erica through her virtual workshops. 



You can get to know and learn from Erica in her online motherhood community called Mom Freely Together  with Dr. Ashurina Ream (@psychedmommy)

Mom freely community 


If you are an Ontario, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Manitoba, or Alberta resident you can see Erica or one of her associates for Teletherapy.

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Erica approaches therapy from an eclectic CBT, DBT, ACT, and attachment perspective. She is most passionate about helping mothers to understand and regulate their anger, as well as adjust to and enjoy their motherhood role.

Beyond working with adult clients, Erica also has extensive experience treating and mentoring youth and young adults. She has been very effective in treating teens who are depressed, anxious and/or who are struggling with self-harm and relationship issues.

Erica is the founder of the Happy as a Mother platform, which offers resources to mothers through a podcast, daily educational Instagram posts, virtual workshops and teletherapy. Personally, Erica is a wife and mom of three boys and her passion for maternal mental health emerged after her own transition to motherhood. She is deeply passionate about supporting women through this major life transition. ​ 

Her unique blend of training and experience serve her well when working with Mothers, individuals, couples and families. 

Erica is a registered psychotherapist with a Masters in Counseling Psychology and postgraduate certificates in Couple and Family Therapy and Maternal Mental Health.

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